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Sokka/Azula Fans unite!

Nothing says love has to make sense.

Sokka/Azula Fans
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Welcome to the community of Sokka and Azula! This is for people who love the Sokka/Azula pairing!

1) All fanfiction, fanart, and icons must post under a LJ-cut. LJ-cut instructions can be found here.

2) Any fanfics, fanart, or icons you post must at least have either Sokka or Azula in it, or Sokka/Azula related. (Said pairing would be a great bonus. :P)

3) No flaming
(edit pending)

renuki - Head maintainer and founder
jessieheart - moderator
kawaii_lyn - moderator

Please bear with us while we update, edit, and test out new community pics, backgrounds, layouts, ideas, and whatever else that fits our fancy.

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